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What Are You Fighting For?


Yes, I know it’s Wednesday and I’m just now posting “Tuesday’s Tip”.  You can blame the NHL playoffs for that! Haha 🙂

Anyways…this week I have been showcasing Thompson Baker.  You have already read about his time in Union army during the Civil War.  That brings us to today’s tip!  Always look…and read…the pension papers!

You never know what you may find in pension papers.  Look for both the soldier’s and his/her spouse.  For example, Nancy Henderson Baker, Thompson’s wife, applied for the widow’s pension.  In her statement, she verified not only that she was married to Thompson, but the date, place, and person who married them.  (A copy of that page of her statement is below).  Sometimes in pension papers you will find children’s names, ages, and if you are lucky enough, who they married.

My favorite place to search for pension records, and really any type of military record, is

…and when you find these documents, make sure you actually read them!

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