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Giveaway: Ghosts of Ancestors Past

In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to have a giveaway that embraced the ghosts of our ancestors.  I’m giving away the book, How To Research Like A Pro by Diana Elder.  I love this book and it’s really helped me out, so I want to “help” a fellow family researcher!


To enter: all you have to do is, in the comments section, answer these two questions:

  1. If you could “meet” the ghost of any ancestor, who would it be?
  2. If you could only ask that ancestor one question, what would it be?


For me, I would want to meet my 6x Great Grandfather, John Miller.  I have been working on figuring out who his parents are for years.  Therefore, the question I would ask him would be just who are his parents!

I’ll leave this giveaway open until Oct 27th.  On that day, I’ll draw one lucky winner from everyone who posted!  Good luck and I can’t wait to hear about who you want to meet!

15 thoughts on “Giveaway: Ghosts of Ancestors Past

  1. I would like to meet my maternal 2xgreat grandmother. Her son (my great grandfather) was kidnapped and raised by a man who thought he was his son. Through dna I’ve found he was not. For my one question I’d like to ask her who his father was.

  2. I would like to meet my 4x great grandfather, John Bonner. I wish I could ask him more than one question. I have so many. The one question I would ask is where he was born.

  3. I’ve always wanted to meet my paternal great-grandfather, John Gates. I have so many questions, but if I have to narrow it down to one, I’d ask him why he deserted the army during World World II (just to enlist again and serve later).

  4. I would ask my maternal great grandfather what his real surname should be Price, Henderson or Birchfield?

  5. I would like to meet my paternal 8x ggm, Rachel Porter, wife to Major James Goodwin of Virginia. One story says they were married in England before going to Virginia. Another story says she was on one of the last bride ships sent to provide wives to the colonists. Either way, I would love to know what her life was like and what inspired her to go and what scares her.

    I would ask her how she died as there’s no record, and she was relatively young. Ok, and I would ask who her family was because it gets a little vague after her father. So that’s two questions, but one is impossible! 😆

  6. I would like to visit with my Great Grandmother Laura Mabel Hedren. Laura died when my Grandma was very young and she doesn’t remember much at all about her. She was born in Kansas but her father was born in Sweden. I would like to know EVERYTHING about her, her family and any stories she might remember hearing from her Dad about life in Sweden! I am very lucky and my Grandmother, Marjorie Blaske Grater is still living and will be 96 this Tuesday. I’m sure she would LOVE to visit Laura with me! 🙂

  7. My Great Great Grandma Serilda Osborne Burkhart. I cannot figure out what happened to her after she divorced John Burkhart.

  8. If I could “meet” the ghost of an ancestor, it would be my 3rd great grandmother Pearlie Mae McClendon Bias. I want to know if the story is true about her altercation with a field master who made her work even though she was deathly ill. I would ask her if the tale about how that day ended is actually true. I would ask her who her parents were and who they were enslaved to during that time.

  9. I would love to meet my 3x fraternal grandmother and ask her about her Swedish childhood and her mother. Its a mystery right now, but family lore suggests she missed her mother so much after she imigrated to the US and never saw or heard from her mother again. So sad and I understood she was an extremely sad woman.

  10. I would like to meet up with my Great great grandfather and on my fathers side. I would ask him if he legally married my GGgrandmother.

  11. I would like to meet my great grandfather x3 Royal Bartlett and ask him where in Vermont he was born?

  12. After many years of searching, I only know my great-grandmother’s name – and it’s probably a nickname, to boot! I would ask who her parents are. (But I would also like to know how she met my ggpa and what happened to her, because he is remarried with another child born within 4 years after my grandfather was born.)

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