Throwback Thursday: Just Chill

Since it’s summer, I couldn’t resist using a “throwback” of a picture I found of a cousin sun bathing while on vacation.


The above photo is of Geraldine Hobson Goebel, my 3rd cousin 4x removed (on my John “Raccoon” Miller line).  This photograph was in the Chicago Tribune in August of 1938.  Geraldine’s husband, Erwin John Goebel, was the passenger traffic manager for Georgian Bay Line.

The Georgian Bay Line was based in Chicago, Illinois and would take ships of tourists through the Great Lakes on different excursions.  In 1940, Erwin accompanied passengers on the maiden voyage of one the Georgian Bay Line ships that traveled from Chicago, to Mackinac Island, through the Soo Canal, and up to Isle Royale in Lake Superior.  Needless to say, Geraldine (and it looks like her friends) enjoyed the perks of Erwin’s job!

Throwback Thursday: Life in Color

When looking for “old” family photos, sometimes you don’t have to just look at the black and white ones.  Take this picture for example.  It is of my 2x Great Grandparents, Edward Lee Hanna and Louisa Lyda Carpenter.  I know nothing about this photo except for the names of those in it.  I also don’t know anything about this side of my family.  The great thing about this picture is that it gives me a starting point.  It gives me questions to answer and the motivation to find those answers.  So next time you’re “looking” for relatives, keep the colors showing.

IMG_0920 (1)

Throwback Thursday: Show Me the Money

For today’s “Throwback Thursday”, I am sharing some of the documents found when Eve Weidner attempted to get her husband’s (John Miller) Revolutionary War pension.  If you notice in the first document, it states that Eve is 100 years and 6 months old.  It seems that Eve was a go-getter late in life.  The second document shows where Eve and John’s children (Lewis Miller, Jacob Miller, Isaac Miller, Nancy Loy, Elizabeth Graves, and Rachel Cox) appeared in court to support Eve’s claim.

There is no documentation that show if Eve received John’s pension or not.  It seems that there wasn’t very much evidence of his service which made it an issue for Eve to obtain his pension.

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