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The Want Ads

I’m Gonna Put It In the Want Ads

This week I’m introducing a new section to the site called “The Want Ads”. We’ve all heard the stories of how someone posted a picture of a lost wedding ring in Florida and through the power of social media it made its way back to its original owner in Washington state.  You’ve also probably heard […]

Genealogy 101

Who Do I Even Look For??

So you’ve been staring at your Ancestral Chart for a couple of weeks now and trying to figure out just who you picked to win the National Championship.  (Am I the only one who is reminded of March Madness every time I look at an Ancestral Chart?!)  If you are lucky, you’re still a little […]


You Can Call Me…Maybe…

I couldn’t resist using a song lyric for this post! If you have any questions about research or genealogy in general, do not hesitate to ask!  Also, if you have an event or something you think others need to know that’s going on in the genealogy world, I’d love to help you share it!  Below […]

About Me

It’s Complicated

I have a love/hate relationship with genealogy.  I like to think of it very much like my dating life.  Everything is going perfect and you feel like the luckiest girl in the world, then…BAM!  That “bam” being a brick wall.  It’s that one thing that you can’t seem to get past.  You are now questioning […]